Engineering & Design

LCI Industrial sales engineers review your current processes in light of productivity and ergonomic goals, storage requirements, future demand forecasts, and capital budget.  With over 45 years of combined experience in material flow, storage systems, and ergonomics & efficiency, this collaborative evaluation allows us to generate the concept and design criteria for incremental system improvements or a comprehensive new system.  

Our team works in conjunction with the customer to transform the concept to working drawings.  To achieve this, LCI uses contemporary technology; including AutoCAD and specialized material handling concepts.  Internet-based file sharing and electronic drawing mark-up enhance collaboration and expedite the design process.

At this time, we are able to provide a proposal that outlines one or more viable solutions.  We will assist in evaluating the options and identifying performance metrics, such as speed or rates of flow; system flexibility; storage requirements; ergonomics; and any ongoing maintenance requirements.

Utilizing a wide variety of premier material handling equipment manufacturers, and our engineering and design capabilities, we will deliver an integrated solution that will exceed the customers’ expectations.  

To discuss your needs or to have a facility assessment conducted, please contact us.