Case Studies


Industry:  Food Process & Distribution


Application:  The customer required a pallet storage system for over one thousand various ingredients that were constantly changing.  In addition, the ingredients included sensitive products requiring strict separation - such as allergens and organic raw materials.


LCI Solution:  LCI was responsible for a complete analysis of the raw materials and took into consideration that this was a “moving target” due to the fluctuation in business and seasonal products. We completed a detailed physical inventory to better understand the products and repeated the procedure several weeks later to gauge some of this fluctuation.  The final solution included different types of high density storage racking to allow for the various product groups.  LCI also developed storage locations that were flexible for standard product, while protecting them from the organics and allergins that required segregation.





Industry:  Electronics Manufacturing


Application:  The customer was continuously loading heavy products into cartons and palletizing various large boxes as part of a pack line.  They were looking to gain efficiency in this process as well as to reduce the risk of operator injury or fatigue.


LCI Solution:  We engineered a complete system solution that utilized a conveyance system as well as several workstation bridge cranes - with vacuum lifting systems as well as variable speed chain hoists with custom end tooling.  These systems drastically improved throughput and made lifting absolutely effortless for their aging workforce.


While these systems are perfectly matched for their current needs, they are modular in design and will allow them to add-on, shorten, or relocate with minimal expense to accommodate their growth and ever-changing needs.





Industry:  Food Process & Distribution


Application:  The customer approached LCI with an ergonomic concern for a high rate palletizing application involving carton and pals.  Like so many manufacturing processes, the product mix was different every day.


LCI Solution:  We partnered with our key suppliers and integrated a Gorbel crane with a Vacuum system.  In addition we utilized a custom lifting head that allowed the operator to handle three or four containers at a time depending on the SKU.





Industry:  Pharmaceutical Distribution


Application:  Our client was building a complete distribution center and needed to maximize storage locations in a limited footprint.  In addition,  single case picking and strict DEA requirements were a driving factor.


LCI Solution:  LCI developed a turnkey design that was implemented in stages to minimize interruptions to the customers ongoing business, maintain DEA security levels and maximize efficiency.


The end result was a pallet storage solution installation for a new building while partnering with a variety of contractors; thus allowing the client to conduct business as usual.  LCI’s engineered solution included a narrow aisle pallet storage system and flow racks to support a variety of SKU’s.